You deserve a practitioner who is comforting, authentic, and compassionate, genuinely accepting and unconditionally respectful; likable and trustworthy; and who inspires growth and goal achievement.


About Me

I, Afsheen Anwar, have over 23 years of experience in conducting research training therapy and coaching for clients who are committed to healing and growth. I work with adults, couples and families. In addition, I provide individual as well as group counseling therapy and coaching sessions.

I have an autonomous clinical and counseling psychologist license for Ontario and Manitoba. Also, I hold diplomas in supervision from the UK.

I am a certified coach and a private pilot and currently work as the Director of The H Factor Solutions. It is an innovative, holistic, healing and growth opportunity that caters to clients in Canada and abroad. 

As Director of the H Factor Solutions, I help individuals and groups transform their relationships, overcome grief and trauma, and enhance overall quality of personal and professional life. I am committed to personal and collective growth in all areas of life. In addition to therapy and counseling, I serve as a life and career coach to individuals looking for growth and development within themselves. In addition, I work as a supervisor for various mental health professionals in training to help them achieve career growth. Additionally, I provide personal and professional trainings to promote provision of quality mental health services.

I am highly passionate about faith-based models of psychotherapy. I practice Islamic Psychotherapy and am well-versed in different religious and spiritual models to work with clients who take strength from their religious/spiritual affiliation.


I earned my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology at University of Karachi, Pakistan. I also hold two diplomas in Clinical Supervision from CPCAB and CPPD, UK.  

Over the course of my diversified career, I have obtained advanced training and expertise in a wide variety of evidence-based therapies including various specializations within Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals, couples and families, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy

Aviation Counseling and Coaching

I also hold a private pilot license and have received training in Human Factors in Aviation. I've developed a collaborative model to assist clients dealing with a fear of flying. Additionally, I work with professional aircrew members who experience stress and burnout due to work schedules and personal issues, which may impact their performance. I provide counseling for trainee aviation professionals, guiding them in pursuing professional excellence with a focus on human factors.