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Do not be afraid of going slowly…. Be afraid of standing still.
-- Japanese Proverb

Are you afraid of flying?

Aviophobia or Fear of flying is one of the most common fears experienced by the general population and is responsible for a lot of avoidance and discomfort in using aviation services due to several factors:

  • Fear of heights/Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Traumatic experiences related to flying, such as turbulence or past accidents
  • A lack of control over the flight situation / over one's emotions during the flight
  • Social anxiety related to being in close proximity to other passengers

For Aviation Professionals

The H Factor Solutions aims at supporting individuals within the aviation industry in their personal and professional development while addressing specific challenges they may face. Being a Psychologist and a Private Pilot, I combine the knowledge of human factors in aviation and personal experience to offer valuable support to aviation professionals in maintaining well-being and achieving their goals.


Services Include

- Counseling for mental and emotional well-being of individuals in the aviation industry addressing burnout and stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress after accidents or critical incidents, substance abuse, relationship issues and other mental health concerns.

- Offering assistance to provide fitness-for-duty psychological assessments and reporting requirements.

- Addressing unique needs and challenges faced by aviation professionals, such as irregular schedules, high-pressure environments, and the need for confidentiality.

- Enhancing decision-making, leadership, communication, and teamwork skills

. Helping aviation professionals set and achieve career goals, navigate transitions, and develop a clear path for career progression.

- Building confidence and self-assurance, especially in situations where self-confidence is crucial, such as flight operations or leadership roles.